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Life comes with many challenges, which aren't always easy to deal with alone. Friends and family members can be helpful, but it can be difficult to open up to others. If you're struggling with your mental health and you're not sure where to turn, reach out to Serenity Family Therapy in McKinney, TX. I can help you navigate daily challenges and difficult situations.

How therapy can improve your life ➞

People from all backgrounds and walks of life can benefit from therapy. Contrary to popular belief, therapy isn't only for those who are going through a crisis or struggling with serious mental health issues. Therapy can also give you the skills and tools you need to enjoy your life and relationships even more and navigate daily challenges with confidence. I can customize our counseling services to suit your specific needs.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment. I look forward to helping you take the first step of your healing journey.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide excellent psychotherapy to a diverse array of clients by developing treatment plans that are action-oriented, tailor treatment to your unique situation, and provide genuine, down to earth care by highly qualified clinicians.

Values Statement

As much as is possible, we strive to put client needs at the forefront of all decisions, from a clinical, business, and administrative point of view.

I treat all clients as unique and individual. Just because I may have experience treating similar presenting problems, I acknowledge that every person, couple, and family, as well as their dynamics and context are completely unique. Therefore, I must listen, focus, and create a treatment plan as unique and individual as each client.

I treat everyone with respect, compassion, and empathy. I do not judge.

I provide high quality clinical care from genuine, authentic therapists.

I serve a diverse array of clients in terms of race, nationality, spiritual background, and sexuality, as well as employ a diverse staff of clinicians